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Values & Culture

People genuinely care about the business.
Stuart, Regional Manager, Provident Home Credit

Provident is built on a proud tradition of honesty, realism, integrity and care. Our business is strong, trusted and has become successful by striving to do the right thing. For our customers, of course, but also for our people. We have a culture that’s friendly, warm and down-to-earth; it’s also a culture where hard work is expected, respected and rewarded. Our people support each other, and Provident supports them – we know we’re only as good as our people, so we make sure they have the training, development and encouragement they need to be their very best.

Our core values

Everything we do, every day, is underpinned by a strong, well-defined set of values. They help us run our business in a sustainable way, for the benefit of our customers, our shareholders and our stakeholders. They make us who we are.

  • Fair – We’re fair and reasonable in our dealings with our customers, colleagues, Agents and other stakeholders, and we’re passionate about creating a diverse culture of mutual respect.
  • Responsible – We conduct our business dealings in a responsible way. So we lend to customers responsibly, act with integrity in all our stakeholder relationships and make sure we have a positive effect on the environment and the communities we serve.
  • Accessible – We give our customers access to financial products that meet their needs, and provide a convenient, friendly and responsive service.
  • Straightforward – We’re straightforward, open and honest in all our dealings. We give clear information on our products, their charges and what we expect from our customers, colleagues, Agents and other stakeholders.
  • Progressive – We anticipate and respond to the challenges of a changing world. We’re open to new ideas that mean we can create innovative products for our customers, improve business processes and create opportunities for our people to develop and progress.