Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Being a responsible corporate citizen

At Provident, we believe our continued success can’t be separated from the responsibilities we have towards our customers, colleagues and other stakeholders, and to take account of the issues that are relevant to the communities we serve and our wider environmental impacts. This means that Corporate Responsibility is an important part of how we operate.

Provident in the Community

Provident began, all those years ago, because we noticed a need in our community and developed a way to meet that need. Today, we feel exactly the same. And because we’re there in almost every town and city in the UK and Ireland, that gives us a huge number of different communities to become involved with, with a wide range of different needs – in fact, we invested over £2m into communities in 2013, helping nearly 80,000 people. Most of our community involvement activities are delivered through our Good Neighbour programme. Established in 2009, Good Neighbour benefits the communities we operate in by supporting projects tailored to meet the needs of local residents; by encouraging people to volunteer; and by matching funds raised by our people, allowing them to support the causes they care about most.

I’ve been a team leader on a number of Good Neighbour challenges and now I’m passionate about supporting the communities that we work in. Being able to see the positive impact we have on local people is fantastic and gives me a great deal of satisfaction alongside my day-to-day job.
Jenna Powell – Business Assurance Officer

Vanquis Bank runs a separate ‘Active Community Programme’ to encourage colleague volunteering and provide support to local charities in London, Chatham and Bradford, and through the international charity ‘Hatua’ in Nairobi, Kenya.

Provident and the environment

We know that we have a smaller impact on the environment than some businesses. But that doesn’t mean we’re complacent when it comes to reducing the impact we do have, or less than proactive about contributing to a more sustainable society. Our environmental management programme is designed to reduce our energy usage and the waste we make, and we regularly review our progress and adjust our approach as required.

Being a responsible corporate citizen means that we’re committed to addressing the social, environmental and economic issues that are relevant to our activities and key stakeholders. Only by doing this can we continue to operate as a successful, responsible and sustainable business.

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