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Opportunities in our Head Office

Our purpose-built Head Office in Bradford is the hub of Provident Financial, the heart of our brands and the powerhouse that drives our business. It’s a bright, airy and fast-paced place to work, where hundreds of people put everything they’ve got into a wide range of roles, but all with one aim: to put people on a path to a better everyday life.

Running a business of this size and complexity means we need to take great care to minimise risk and comply with regulations. This team of 90 diligent people are our eyes and ears when it comes to risk, covering Compliance Monitoring, Fraud Detection and Prevention, Business Analysis and a host of other crucial functions. For skilled people, joining this department provides a superb opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of Provident, and for career progression, both through specialising and through the management structure.

This is where around 100 charming, knowledgeable people work as an immediate point of contact for our wide range of customers – mostly concerning Sales, Service and Collections. It’s also where our Satsuma Contact Centre team engages with their customers. We also liaise with people in the field where necessary to make sure our customers enjoy a consistency of service at all times. Unlike many other contact centres, we offer meaningful careers – not simply roles without opportunities to progress. You could join us as a Customer Service Operator and, if you’re positive, ambitious, hard-working and a real team player, take your career in a number of exciting directions. Team Leader, Complaints Department, Resource Team and many other career possibilities are there to be taken, as well as the chance to get involved in interesting projects alongside your normal role – we’ll put you in contact with a very rewarding future.

IT Services and Operations

At Provident, we’re absolutely committed to embracing today’s digital world, and ensuring our products, and the way we deliver them, are not only relevant but also innovative. Our IT Design and Delivery Department work as one team to design and build technology-based business services and solutions. It’s down to these people that we’re able to offer the exciting new digital-based products that mean we can make life better for so many more customers. Here, you’ll find experts in software analysis, development and test, IT project management, infrastructure projects and enterprise architecture. It’s a busy and energetic department, where teamwork is everything and creative innovation is encouraged – backed by a high level of technical skill. As a result, IT is valued by Provident to an extremely high extent – something you’ll find in few other financial services organisations.

IT Design and Delivery

These brilliant, hard-working people make sure the technology that drives our business runs smoothly and efficiently. The department is made up of over 70 enthusiastic people, whose skills cover service desk, Windows support, networks, storage, database administration, application support and service management. They provide a proactive, high quality service to thousands of customers within the business – from password resets and kitting out new colleagues, to more complex IT issues of all kinds. They handle over 4500 calls each month – always friendly, helpful and professional. It’s an incredibly busy department, so we make sure all our people’s technical skills and ‘can do’ attitudes are complemented by excellent training and development. Everyday support work blends with project support work, and everyone in this department has the opportunity to increase their knowledge as Provident invests in new technologies, and to progress their careers in a number of possible directions if that’s their ambition.

Our whole business is designed to help customers borrow money responsibly and affordably, but circumstances can change and some customers struggle to make repayments. Provident Central Collections works hard to recover debts due to us with fairness and sensitivity, whilst making a valuable contribution to Provident’s overall profits – by working with the customer, protecting our reputation, and our business. To do well in this department, you should have a good knowledge of the Debt Collection Industry as well as legislatory, regulatory and compliance experience plus excellent communication skills. There are exciting opportunities to progress, too – you can develop yourself to be a specialist in your field, within a team that’s focused on continual improvement.

Here at Provident we embrace any change that can make us a better business. Business Change is a talented team of transformation experts working together to make sure we know what we as a business want and need to do, and driving the changes we need to make to get there. There are over 40 people in the team, with skills covering business analysis, project and programme management, project support and business process management. As you might expect, Business Change is very much focused on continuous improvement: as the business vision changes, the department aligns with it. It’s a strategic approach, and project teams are formed as required. That makes for an exciting, dynamic environment where an adaptable, flexible approach and a thirst for knowledge is paramount. In a business committed to investment in itself and its people, this is a department where the right people have a huge scope to develop their skills, experience and career.

One of the most important areas of our business, Finance is the team providing us with the vital financial information we need to make the right decisions that affect the lives of so many people. Over 40 people work here, grouped into smaller teams with different but complementary expertise and skills. Whilst the function is importantly built on strong traditional financial skills and controls, Finance is very much involved in serving the needs of the business and responding with skill and agility as business needs arise. This is a high calibre team, where finely honed technical skills are complemented with excellent communication abilities, flexibility, team work and professionalism, all underpinned by a strong and enthusiastic work ethic. In a progressive business where Finance is highly valued, there are superb prospects for personal progression and a rewarding career.

We might have been around for over 133 years, but we never stop looking for ways to improve both our customers’ lives and our business. This highly motivated team works at great pace to develop and execute strategies to do just that, and as such is central to Provident’s plans for the near and far futures.

There are four teams here, working in synergy. The Product team works to make our range of products ever more innovative, relevant and attractive for today’s customers. The Marketing team works across all marketing channels to put our products in front of potential customers and encourage them to join us. At the same time, Market Insight provides strong analytical support on strategic and regulatory issues to our Consumer Credit businesses, whilst Market Research designs, manages and often conducts the research projects that inform the agendas for the businesses.

The kinds of people who do this vital work understand the financial services industry and the regulatory frameworks in which we operate. They are open to challenge and willing to challenge others; they have a real passion for creating strategies that will intrigue, persuade and delight our customers; they are analytically minded, but know how to turn analysis into strong actions; and they are all committed to developing our businesses, as well as themselves and ensuring that the customer is at the heart of everything we do. And all in an environment that’s fast paced, ever changing and endlessly exciting.

They say knowledge is power, and for us data is the knowledge we need to power our business forward. This expert team makes sure the data we have is, and continues to be, a rich, accurate and valuable asset, one that will help us maintain our competitive advantage. Here, over 20 people work hard to support Home Credit, Satsuma and glo by producing high quality business intelligence. These are highly technical people who work in a fast paced and challenging environment. Provident values their skills greatly, and there is plenty of scope for career progression as the department shapes and drives our future data strategy.


Numerate, logical problem solvers, our Analytics team creates models and provides analysis to help us make the best lending decisions and drive marketing and operational strategies. In fact, cutting-edge analytics are at the heart of our new brand, Satsuma, teaching us more than ever about our customers and helping us create the best solutions for them. Our Analytics people really are focused on making life better through doing things better – as we grow, so does our Analytics team. They never stop learning, and they all share a commitment to creating a world class analytics function. This is a tremendously exciting function within Provident. It’s a new function, supporting new business lines, so there’s a huge energy here and a massive feeling of possibility. Excellent technical skills are vital of course, as is an appetite for hard work and a flexible approach.

Credit Management

Responsible lending has always been at the heart of our business, and it’s key to our future success. Credit Management is hugely important: the work they do makes sure our customers receive only the credit they can afford throughout their time with Provident. It’s a small team with a wide remit, so they are flexible, knowledgeable and focused on working together to get the job done. This is an important function, always keen to meet new people with the ability to work hard in a close and committed team. New members of the team are often given a specific area of responsibility and if they are keen to develop and progress they’ll be given all the support they need to build their career.

With c.270 properties throughout the UK, we need impressively high-performing people in this diverse function, which covers a wide range of services – from catering to cleaning, real estate management to security. Property and Facilities Management is essential to our business, and offers a large variety of opportunities for hard working, passionate people. Obviously, for certain roles there’s a requirement for technical skills and qualifications. But Provident always encourages personal and professional development and look for a great attitude first – we’ll train good people for the skills they need. What’s more, this is such a large and wide area of the business we can offer roles at all levels, from first job to senior level, and many of our people have spent their whole careers here.

Internal Communications and Engagement

We’re a business with big plans, and this is the team that keeps the whole business up to date with what’s going on, where and when. Using a variety of channels, they produce high quality, timely and engaging communications and events that help the leaders of the business and colleagues – wherever and whoever they may be – enjoy a rewarding dialogue. The result is a business that knows where it’s going, and feels like one big family. It’s a busy, friendly team, with a range of constantly changing priorities, so a flexible attitude is key. Energy and enthusiasm are paramount, as is a creative approach to problem solving and good attention to detail. In return, the team offers variety, fun, challenge and great possibilities for building a very satisfying career.

People Policy and Services

This is a team that works hard, at a fast pace, to provide a quality HR support service that’s at the centre of Provident’s plans for the future. Covering everything from talent and reward management to health & safety and payroll, the team works together to develop and deliver an ever-evolving range of policies and practices that make life better for all our people. What’s more, this team is at the centre of a wider programme of change within Provident, and provides opportunities to be part of the people plan in new, developing businesses as well as in a mature business. This is a fast-paced and challenging environment, where people are expected to deliver and take responsibility. In return, their hard work and commitment is well rewarded, and they enjoy the potential to develop satisfying careers in a very progressive business where their work is highly valued.

Resourcing and Development

This team finds and attracts the people we need, from Field Administrators to high-level specialists. As the business grows, and as we develop new businesses that will rely on excellent people with a positive attitude to succeed, Resourcing and Development is playing an increasingly vital role. The team ensures we find the very best people for our future business success through a combination of channels and technologies – including managed interviews and assessment centres – backed by a clearly defined and well-communicated employer brand. Once we’ve found the right people, the Development teams make sure they have all the training and development they need to be the best they can be throughout their career with Provident. This begins with a Company Best Welcome, an exciting first-day event in which new colleagues meet key people and learn about the business, followed by a structure induction programme to set them up to succeed. We are also developing the Provident Academy, a bespoke structured development programme to support colleagues in all areas of the business, from induction to transitional programmes, where they prepare to move up to the next level. In addition, we invest massively in the development of our current and future leaders. This is cutting edge work, crucial to Provident’s future, and the team is a place where committed, skilled people can build a very satisfying career.

Field People Team

The Field People Team are HR generalists, Business Partners who work closely with our Field Operations management, based out at one of our 240 sites nationwide. They play a vital role in making sure we listen to the needs of the business in Home Credit, creating people plans that will align with the business strategy. Day-to-day, they are involved in the recruitment of agents and field operations management, keeping our key roles filled and supporting with interviews and the collation of accurate management information. They do this by working closely with our central resourcing team; they are our front line, working directly with our internal customers. Experts in Colleague Relations, they give advice, guidance and support on all disciplinary, grievance and general ER issues. To keep our workforce well trained, they also work closely with our central development teams to analyse training needs, design training materials and deliver workshops to our operations teams. We have an e-learning platform, the vehicle for our legislative training, that all our colleagues and self-employed agents have to complete annually – the team works hard to ensure this is done to keep us in line with FCA requirements and make sure everyone has the knowledge to effectively do their job. Another key area is talent management: Field People work with the operations teams to do regular Performance Reviews and map great behaviours and performance against our Success Factors and KPIs. They identify top talent and make sure we train and develop them to reach their full potential by creating robust manpower plans and opportunities.

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