Opportunities at Provident Home Credit in the ROI

Opportunities at Provident Home Credit in the ROI

Provident Home Credit provides a wide range of opportunities at all levels, from local administrators, to the leaders who make the decisions that drive the business, all supported by Provident Development Managers, Area Managers, Regional Managers and Field Support Teams. There are also opportunities for self-employed Agents – people who take on and run their own their business.


Provident Agents are self-employed and run their own businesses. They work in their local community, visiting people in their homes and helping them borrow manageable amounts of money to get them through life’s difficult patches. They have the freedom to work as many, or as few, hours as they like and are paid by commission on the repayments they collect.


At Provident, we have hundreds of self-employed Agents out in the field making life better for millions of customers. To make life better for them, we have a team of Field Administrators dedicated to processing information from our Agents, and making sure they have the up-to-date information they need to provide the best service to our customers.

Development Manager

Development Managers are the people who make sure the self-employed Agents who are out there with our customers day after day are supported, trained, encouraged and given every chance to do fantastic work. They encourage Agents to maximise their commission, providing strong assessments and guidance that will support Agents to increase agency performance. They really create a better future for Provident as a whole.

Area Manager

Area Managers look after a team of Development Managers in a particular area, say a town or area of a city. Some have been Development Managers themselves, so they understand the day-to-day challenges of meeting business targets and dealing with Agents. Whatever their background, they’re great at seeing the bigger picture, analysing trends and predicting figures that will help their team of Development Managers support Agents to grow their businesses. They also know we’re a changing business with a great future, and they can motivate their teams to adapt, embrace change and help drive the business forward.

Regional Manager

Our Regional Managers look after a portfolio of areas. Their role is to coach, support, motivate and develop Area Managers to make sure they help the business grow. Their whole focus is to drive success by sharing best practice, providing vital information to our business leaders and cascading important information from the business to our Agents.

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