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Working as an Agent

Tired of chasing your tail working for someone else? You could be working for yourself as a self-employed Provident Agent.

To be there for customers is a full-time commitment but without the mundane 9-5 constraints. You earn on a commission basis, but you also have the full support of the business behind you.

From day one, you’ll be given a customer base, ready to manage, and once you’re up and running we’ll give you a special app for your smart phone or tablet that cuts out all the paperwork and leaves you free to do what you do best. You’ll visit customers in their own homes to collect their repayments and, if their circumstances allow it, offer them additional credit. In fact, seeking out business from new and existing customers is the main way you’ll develop your business. This is all about relationships – the more customers you help, the more customers you’ll get. And the more commission you’ll make.

And don’t forget, at all times you’ll have a network of experienced managers to call on for advice – all dedicated to supporting you to make a success of your business. And you’ll have our marketing strength behind you (that’s Pat the Dog’s job). After all, we’re here to help you make life better for yourself, as well as for our customers.

Meet The Agents