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Your Best Welcome

If you’re passionate about developing and growing your own business, and you have what it takes to build relationships with customers, we’ll give you the best possible start.

First, we’ll interview you to find out what makes you tick and if you’re the kind of person who’ll be a good Provident Agent. If you pass this stage, you’ll get the chance to ‘Have A Go’ – you’ll go out with one of our Agents to get a good feel for what it’s like to run a successful Agency.

Agent Best Welcome

If we all agree that life as a Provident Agent is right for you, the next stage is our eight-week Agent Best Welcome introduction programme. In other words, your first eight weeks are mapped out into five learning blocks, to make sure you’ve got the knowledge and the skills to get your business up and running. The level of support and guidance we’ll give you is incredible, and doesn’t stop when your Best Welcome has ended – you’ll meet the local Area Manager every week for a chat about how things are going and any advice you need.

And then, your business is your own. And you’ll be making life so much better for yourself.

Being a Provident Agent isn’t easy money. It’s hard work, but if you really apply yourself the rewards can definitely be worth it.
Maria, Provident Agent