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Our People

Our People

Provident is very much a business about people. Since we began, over 138 years ago, we’ve been passionate about making life better for people who needed our help, and this has made us a business that attracts, and builds excellent careers for people who care as much as we do. Our people make Provident what it is. We expect a lot from them, but we make sure they are rewarded and valued for their hard work. There’s never been a better time to join us: we’ve never been so ambitious, and we’re more confident than ever that we’re going to make life better for our customers – and for our people.

Provident people – in their own words

We’ve talked a lot about Provident people on this website: who they are, what they do and how together they make life better for our customers and each other. So now, it’s time to let them speak for themselves, and tell you their true stories about what life’s really like at Provident.

“I began life with Provident as a Development Manager – now I’m a Regional Manager with responsibility for nine locations and forty Development Managers. Essentially, I’m here to make sure that as a region we grow the business, so I provide support and guidance to all my Development Managers to make sure everything goes according to plan. “It’s a great time to be part of Provident – the business is really changing, and it’s all good. The new technology we’ve introduced has really made life better, with more and more self-employed Agents getting into using our new app on their smart phones, and tablets have been enthusiastically received by our Development Managers. But it’s also still very much a business about people, and always will be ­– that’s our difference. Our Agents are there for our customers, and I’m there for the Area and Development Managers, who are there for our Agents. The support is incredible, and it feels good to work here. “I’m hugely proud to be a Regional Manager. I’m one of only 28 in the business, so to get here is a massive achievement. But then Provident is a place that values hard work, so it’s nice to be recognised.”

“Analytics is crucial to Satsuma Loans – so much so that we’ve had to develop a more sophisticated model to help us decide who to lend to. That’s because although it’s an online application process, we still need to lend responsibly to people, in the same way that Provident has always worked. So, whereas with Home Credit the Agent takes information from the customers and feeds it into analytics, with Satsuma Loans the customer feeds directly into the analytics. There’s no Agent to ask the questions that might help our analytics to decide whether the loan can be made, so Satsuma analytics need to be that much cleverer – and they’re incredibly clever, which makes my job very exciting. “And because we’re a new business, the possibilities are endless. We’re learning new ways of doing things all the time – for example, I’m using analytics for much more than just credit checks, such as seeing how our marketing works. “As a manager, I’ve got plenty of new challenges to get my teeth into. I’m building my team from the ground up, which is really satisfying, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the team grows in size and effectiveness as Satsuma Loans grows. We’re an energetic, talented and enthusiastic team and we can only get even better. It’s a very exciting time.”

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