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Provident Home Credit – Values & Culture

Provident Home Credit – Values & Culture

At Provident we strive to do the right thing – for our customers of course, but also for our self-employed Agents and for every one of our colleagues. In fact, we try to treat everyone with the same respect and care as we treat our customers. We’re all proud to be here, proud that we can make life better for everyone, and excited to be part of a business that’s evolving, changing and becoming ever more relevant in a changing world.

We know that success comes from hard work, and we’re more than prepared to do what’s necessary – because we know that we’re well rewarded for our energy and enthusiasm. We help our customers view the future with confidence, and we help each other see things the same way – we know that if we work together we’ll all achieve the satisfaction, reward and opportunities we deserve.

But no matter how sophisticated our business becomes; no matter how we adapt to engage with the possibilities of technology and the digital universe, we’re always true to our original values. No matter how complex the world becomes, we cut through the clutter with straightforward honesty and transparency. We’re proud to be Provident. Because together we make life better.

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Lee, Area Manager, Provident Home Credit.