Provident Home Credit has been around for over 138 years, lending manageable sums of money with simple, transparent repayment plans to customers on average or below-average incomes. We make life better for people who might otherwise find it hard to get or manage credit.

Our customers use their credit for many purposes, from special occasions to coping with unexpected expenses. Our Customer Representative’s deliver the loans to the customer’s home; they then call back every week to collect the payments.

All kinds of people, from all walks of life, enjoy successful careers of all kinds with Provident Home Credit, but they all share certain qualities and it’s those that have made us the successful business we are today.

Firstly, they have empathy for our customers. They understand why people need our services, and the importance of our caring, honest approach. They’re passionate about doing the right thing for our business and more importantly for customers. They know that above all else, we’re putting people on a path to a better everyday life.

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