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Satsuma Loans – Role Types

Satsuma Loans – Role Types

We’re a new business with a fantastic product to offer and have Provident’s great history and reputation behind us. So we’re energised by the new and driven to succeed, whilst totally engaged with the traditional Provident values.

There are people who CONNECT us with the world

We’re an online business so technically brilliant, digital-minded people are at our heart. Always thinking a step or two ahead, they’re passionate, energetic, creative people who love the challenge of discovering new products and innovative ways to reach out to our customers.

There are people who ENGAGE with our customers

Whether online or on the phone, our people build relationships and rapport. They have empathy for our customers and they are totally focused on doing the right thing for them – even if that means saying “Not now”.

There are people who DRIVE us forward

From Marketing to HR, from IT to Finance, we’ve got some hugely talented people to make sure our business runs smoothly and dynamically. They are commercially minded and focused on delivering. With a determination to drive the business, and themselves, further forward every day.

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