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Satsuma – Values & Culture

Satsuma Loans is a new, fresh brand and our people are energetic, creative and highly motivated. We know we’ve got an exciting future ahead of us and we know what we have to do to get there. It’s all about collaboration here. People with great skills and experience working together to make our business better every day because we know that the better our business is, the greater our opportunities and rewards will be.

Of course, because we’re part of Provident, at Satsuma we’re constantly asking: “Is this right for our customers?” Whether it’s designing new products, planning communications, dealing with customers or fine-tuning our website, the customer is at the heart. What’s more, as our brand evolves, we’ll continue to ask our customers what they think, want and need and develop Satsuma Loans to suit them. So we’re fast paced, focused on excellence right now and with our sights firmly fixed on the future. We know we’re making life better.